Find out who called you with Reverse Phone Lookup

Look up a phone number

A reverse phone lookup is a tool that allows you to lookup the owner of a phone number based on the phone number digits alone. This can either end up being a single person, or even an organization (in the case of a business or a spam call).

By using a reverse phone lookup service you can get detailed information about your caller, all you need is a single phone number.

You’ll be able to obtain information like:

  • The full name of the person who is calling
  • The location
  • Find out if its a scam call
  • See who your significant other has been messaging
  • Find out the true identity of the person you’ve been talking too online
  • Find relevant contact information from an old number you have laying around

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

The process of doing a reverse phone lookup has been around for a long time. In the past, you’d have to use the phone operator to either call back the number or offer any available information. Or, you could consult the local phonebook, yellow pages, or white pages and see if the number was listed.

This could be very time consuming, as you’d have to look through hundreds of pages to see if the number was listed. If it wasn’t, then your search would stop there.

But, most public records have been digitized and migrated online, which means all of this information can be accessed with a simple search.

When you enter a phone number into a reverse phone lookup tool you can access all types of public record information that is or was associated with the phone number. Plus, even information like arrest and criminal records can be found online, and see if there’s a potential link to the phone number.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

If you ever get a strange number calling your phone and wonder who that is, you can use a reverse phone lookup tool to try and find more information about the number.

A lot of times caller ID won’t give out perfect information either, so you’ll have to pick up the phone, or let it go to voicemail.

A reverse phone lookup can be done easily and quickly to see is calling, so you don’t have to waste your time, or get hooked into one of many phone-based scams.

Reasons to do a Reverse Phone Lookup

There are a variety of different reasons to do a reverse phone search, the most common is when you receive a call or text from a number that you don’t know.

However, you can also do a reverse phone search when you get a call from a suspicious number. Phone scams only seem to be increasing, with American’s receiving over 8 spam and scam phone calls every single day.

Anytime you get a call or a voicemail from a number that’s demanding money, or sensitive personal information, you should perform a reverse phone search.

Here are some popular scams that you might have experienced yourself:

  • Fake kidnappers who claim to have a loved one to extract personal location or identification information
  • Fake medical service professional who are demanding money to fund a procedure to save a loved one
  • A fake IRS or social security agent who is attempting to gain access to your social security number or personal bank account information
  • A fake security officer from Apple, Google, or Microsoft whose attempting to obtain personal login information to access your account

What to Look for in a Scam Call?

Telephone scammers are either trying to steal your personal information, or your money. There are a wide variety of scam types including:

  • Robocalls
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages

These types of calls will often be filled with a scammer making false promises, like the ability to earn money, receive money in the mail, receive a free trial of a product, or invest your money in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Some calls might even state that you’ve won the lottery, or that there’s free money for you to claim.

Finally, like some of the scams mentioned above, some of the scammers will threaten you with lawsuits or jail time. Keep in mind, these are just scammers trying to gain access to your personal confidential information.

Types of Scams to Be Aware Of

There are a variety of different phone scams to be aware of and it seems that more and more pop up every day.

Here are some of the most common phone scams to be aware of, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones:

Banking Scams

Banking scams attempt to access your banking information. This can be your banking and routing numbers, or even your login and account information, such as your PIN number, or other credit card information.

Census Scams

Census scams will have a person pretending to work at the census bureau to attempt to steal your personal information. This can include a multitude of identifying and personal information.

Grant Scams

Government grant scams will attempt to get your money by promising a free government grant. The only thing they’ll need to give you the grant is a deposit from you or a one-time processing fee.

Investment Scams

Investment scammers will call you and attempt to get you into a high reward investment, that has minimal financial risk. Often they’ll attempt to gain access to your banking information.

Lottery Scams

Fake lotteries, contests, and other giveaways will attempt to gain access to your personal contact information or even your banking information. You’ll receive a call that states you’ve won a prize and will need to provide personal information in order to claim your prize.

Charity Scams

Charity scams will set up a fake organization, or pretend that they’re from a well-known charity. They’ll attempt to take advantage of your generosity, or even pretend they’re from a charity that’s donating to help out a local or national tragedy.

Coronavirus Scams

During the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s been a rise in coronavirus-related scams. This could be misinformation, scare campaigns, attempts to collect personal private information and banking information, and more.

Extended Warranty Scams

Scammers can try to find out the vehicle you purchased, or are currently driving, and will use this information to try and sell you warranties and other service contracts that usually aren’t valid.

Travel and Timeshare Scams

Some scammers will call and promise you a free vacation, or a low-cost vacation that can end up costing you a fortune in added fees. Sometimes you’ll pay upfront and there will actually be no vacation or timeshare available for you to stay in.

Spam Call Identification

Every so often you’ll get a call from a strange number, maybe it’s from a zip code you don’t recognize, even if it’s a missed call from abroad.

There’s a chance this could be an old friend that’s trying to get in touch, but it could also be a spam number.

By doing a reverse phone number lookup you’ll be able to see if the number is indeed a spam number. If it is, there will be existing reports that will immediately identify that number as spam.

If not, then it might be someone important, or a person from your past trying to reach out, and it’ll be worth further investigating.

If the number is a spam number, then it can help you to identify that number as spam as well. This will help people in the future who are conducting the same search, or it can even help the number get blocked across major cell networks.

You can also report phone scams to the FTC or even use the website The FTC will analyze and keep track of all the complaint data to block callers and identify illegal callers and other scammers.

Additional Reasons to Do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Maybe you haven’t experienced a phone call scam yourself, but have been experiencing other issues from an unknown number.

For example, maybe you or a loved one is getting harassed or bothered by an unknown number, so instead of blocking the number you want to find out who they are.

Doing a reverse phone search will help you uncover any available background information about a person, including if they have a past criminal record.

Another fairly common reason is to look up someone online before you decide to meet. Although online dating is growing in popularity it can always be a good idea to double-check the person you’re talking to is actually who they say they are.

By doing a reverse cell phone lookup you can make sure the person you’re talking to actually gave you their real name, was using their actual photos, and more.

Non-Scam Reasons to Do a Phone Lookup

However, doing a reverse phone lookup doesn’t always have to be a negative event either. There are a variety of reasons to do a phone lookup:

Find an Old Friend

Often we can fall out of touch with old friends. But, maybe you have an old number you can use to find out more about them.

Even if they don’t use the number you can still do a phone number search to see if you can uncover the history of the number. Here you might gain more information about your friend, like social media profiles, to see if you can find a way to get in touch again.

Reach out to a Childhood Crush

Maybe you have an old girlfriend or boyfriend you’ve been thinking about, but have lost touch with? You could have even tried to find them on social media, but you haven’t had any luck.

If you still have their old phone number, you can use a reverse phone lookup service to see if they still have the same contact information. You might also find out additional information about how their lives turned out via linked social media profiles, public information records, marriage records, and even additional websites, or businesses they run.

Find an Old Business Associate

Have you been thinking about an old colleague or someone you always used to spitball business ideas around with? Or maybe you found an old business card and you’re wondering about how their career turned up.

If LinkedIn hasn’t generated any meaningful work and business results, then you can use a reverse phone lookup tool to see if they still have the same number or even pull up additional information about them.

Often, you’ll be able to find out information about their businesses, job history, current and past assets, and much more.

What About a Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

There is a variety of both paid and free reverse phone number lookup searches. When you do a free search you might not get the same level of information, but you could still get some basic information that might help you identify who the caller or texter is.

You can even scan the number through their phone directories to immediately identify a spam number.

Even premium tools will have a free search feature that’ll give you some information to work with.

Another great option is to just use a search engine like Google. Often, a Google search can turn up a ton of information about the number. Especially, if the number is linked to a current business, or is a number that has been reported for spam in the past.

Doing a simple phone number search can often reveal a ton of useful information about a person including, education and employment history, available photographs, location history, and much more.

You can always start by using a free reverse phone lookup service and upgrade to a premium account if you want more information.

What Information You Can Find With a Reverse Phone Lookup

By doing a reverse phone lookup you’ll be able to find all kinds of useful information about who’s been calling or texting you.

Every search and report will deliver different information, depending on what data is available, but you can expect information like the following:

Owner of the Phone

If the number is associated with an actual person, then your report will include the phone owner’s name, known aliases, or even a potential group of people if it’s a landline phone.

It can also include more relevant contact information, along with aliases like a nickname, or maiden name of the person.

Sometimes it can even include the device that the number is associated with, like an iPhone or an Android phone.

History of the Number

Today it’s common for phone numbers to change frequently. For example, maybe you had a home phone number for years that you no longer have. Or, you upgraded your cell phone number and decided to get a new mobile phone number when you switched.

Some reports will pull up past owners of the number, or even past location information if the number was associated with a landline. Or, if the number has been commonly marked as a spam number that’s often used by telemarketers.

Job and Education History

With a job and education report you can see the past workplaces and jobs the number is associated with.

For example, you’ll be able to see if it’s an old colleague from work that’s trying to get in touch, or if it’s an actual organization that’s trying to reach out to you.

Additional Links and Profiles

Related links will scan the web for additional profiles, websites, and online properties that are associated with that phone number or person.

Some of these additional online resources can be:

  • Blogs or personal websites
  • Social media profiles
  • News stories
  • Online mentions

Location History

The location history can show the current location that’s linked to the phone number. If it’s a location that you’re unfamiliar with you can even explore the location further and uncover information like:

  • Local census data
  • Population demographic data
  • Income and education data
  • Crime statistics
  • Facts about the local area

This might give you additional clues, so you can figure out who is calling.

Background Report

By doing a phone number search you can pull up useful background check information on a person. Maybe the person you think you’re talking to seems shady, but you want to know for sure.

This report will pull up any available background check information that’s associated with that phone number like:

  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Traffic violations

Social Media Profiles

Social media sites are a wealth of individual personal information. The chances are good that the number you’re searching for will have a linked social media account. This is a great way to instantly find out more information about the person.

Social media is also another common way to find out who your significant other is talking too. Often, you could learn that your spouse or significant other has been texting or calling number frequently, but by doing a phone number lookup you can see who that person is via a social media report.